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Low-Fat Dairy Will Not Make You Thin or Happy



That’s the same with ice cream; reduced-fat ice cream is sometimes made with lower-fat or nonfat milk, which means it has a higher ratio of water to fat, which means it’ll freeze into ice crystals unless it’s thoroughly fucked with. Some kinds of ice cream just have a ton of air whipped into them, which decreases the fat content in the same way you can make a burger healthier by just pretending to chew air for the second half of your meal.

Sometimes we do have to compromise with reduced-fat dairy. All milk is reduced-fat to some degree; melting butter on your cereal, or even using something like heavy cream, is sort of disgusting. The nonfat Fage yogurt is weirdly good, though more sour and a little more watery and crumbly than the full-fat. But the point is, if you’re trying to get healthy, reducing your dairy fat intake is not the place to do it.

a big part of me making a “lifestyle change” over the past few years was realizing a little bit of the real stuff is far better than a lot of the fake shit.

never deprive yourself the joy of real cheese. 

eat real food.

This blows my mind. I just saw a hormone specialist today about a lot of fun (or not) issues and she was all over me for drinking skim milk. No! she says. Go for at least 1% but 2% is even better.

God bless her! She also told me to eat more cheese. Yes ma’am!

Side note: She was not all perfection because she took away my diet cokes.

I only drink whole milk. I must be an over achiever!

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Picture day at play school today!

Stella took her brush to make sure her hair looks awesome for the pics.

The photographers had a pretty genius marketing plan for reminding parents. I would have forgotten if they hadn’t branded Doug.

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Tom left for a loooong work trip this weekend so I am in charge of these two people all by myself. Only until Wednesday anyway when my parents come to help.

Highlights from the weekend:

Doug needed an emergency bath after a diaper incident and Stella assisted by bringing me her robe for him to wear. #bestbigsister #sostylish

I got both kids to nap at the same time on Sunday! #allthestuffies

Doug is a smoothie monster with a super handsome smoothie mustache.

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Can’t believe he is such a big boy!

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Chicken Sausage, Cauliflower and Kale Casserole

I just made this recipe since I have been on a healthy eating kick (more veggies! less of everything else!)

OMG! It was so good.

My kids are not picky but they aren’t really volume eaters either (except when it comes to raspberries) but they each wanted seconds (and thirds). I ate three bowls myself…

I doubled the recipe so we would have plenty of leftovers, added two red bell peppers and roasted the cauliflower instead of boiling it.

I wish I had a picture- it was so colorful and pretty.

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Finally we have a family picture!

Our last one was in the hospital an hour after Doug was born and I certainly wasn’t looking my hottest.